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Disposable Vape Alternatives

At Vapour Central, we are committed to offering you the best vaping experience with our wide range of products. Disposable vapes will soon be banned in the UK, but we have already prepared with a great selection of alternative devices that guarantee the same quality and satisfaction. 

Vapour Central's Top Alternatives

The Elfa Pro feels and looks like an Elf Bar 600. It can be re-charged. Comes with one pre-filled pod, ready to go. Replace pod once empty. Pods come in packs of 2.

ZAP! Instafill comes with 10ml of liquid in a removeable bottle. Can be recharged and the battery can be removed.

A rechargeable battery that looks and feels like the SKE Crystal. Takes pre-filled pods and can be re-charged.

Save more with an 'Open' pod system

If you're tired of being limited to the pre-filled options offered by Closed Systems. We have a large range of 'Open' pod systems, they are easy to maintain, rechargeable and designed to fit a wide range of E-Liquids. It's a cost-effective way to vape that gives you more options than pre-filled vape systems. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect setup that meets your vaping needs.

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