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What is 'MESH' all about?

As advancements in coil technology continue to progress, vapers are experiencing heightened pleasure from their e-liquids and e-cigarette kits. Mesh coils represent the latest and most exciting evolution of one of the fundamental components of vaping, offering significant advantages over traditional coils.

For those who vape regularly, it is evident that many of the pre-built coils that come with newer kits and sub-ohm tanks are now described as ‘Mesh Coils.’ However, before delving into the advantages of mesh coils, it is important to remind ourselves of what coils are and their function.

A coil is present in all e-cigarette tanks and typically consists of a wire wrapped around a wicking material, usually cotton, that is saturated with e-liquid. An electric current is passed through the wire from the battery or mod, heating it, which in turn heats up the e-liquid, resulting in the production of rich, flavoursome vapour.

While this design has worked well for vape tanks over the years, it is not without its problems. A single coil that uses a single wire wrapped in a spiral design does not always make contact with the cotton wick evenly, leading to hot spots, spitting, and congealed pockets of VG. Additionally, because a large amount of power is required to produce the best clouds and vapour, single coils often wear out quickly, making replacing them costly over time.

New mesh coils, however, are made from a thin metallic mesh strip, similar to a wire net, that allows the current to pass through more evenly, rather than a single length of coiled wire. This simple innovation solves many of the drawbacks of single coils and provides several benefits for vapers.

Mesh coils offer better flavour and bigger clouds due to the larger surface area of the metallic mesh, allowing more of the e-liquid to come into contact with the heating element, resulting in improved vapour and flavour production, making for a fantastic smooth and flavourful vape.


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