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E-Cigarette Information & Warranty Guide


All Electronic devices purchased from a Vapour Central store will come with a 30-day store warranty. Tanks (not limited to RDA, RDTA, Atomizers or sub ohm devices) are limited to 48 hours due to these being a perishable item.


If any device, mod or equipment becomes faulty within this time through no fault of the customer, a replacement will be issued of either the same device or  if in the rare case the item is unavailable an exchange of the same value (orignal box needed)


If purchased on-line, we would need the device back with the box and order reference before we can issue any replacements or credit notes.


After 30 days the warranty transfers to the manufacturer (if applicable). Vapour Central will in most cases contact the manufacturer on your behalf if requested and get the device repaired or replaced. The average wait time is 3-10 working days


Most items hold a 6month warranty (30 days in store and 5 months with the manufacturer) *


Our full warranty policy can be found in-store, by asking a member of staff or sending us an email.


*Manufacturer warranty varies between manufacturers; further information can be found on their website.


Due to the nature of the product we are unable to swap products or exchange on an unwanted basis.

What your warranty covers:

Your warranty will cover most breakdowns on devices which include but are not limited to; not powering on/no longer charging, no atomiser found, overheating etc.

 Warranty Exclusions:

We are unable to offer warranty cover on damage caused by the customer where the device has been mistreated or shows signs above normal wear and tear.

 Warranty exclusions include but are not limited to;
- Water Damage
- Damage to USB port (Bent pins etc)
- Any physical damage or improper maintenance of the item
- The use of unofficial accessories and/or coils

We are unable to offer a warranty on Coils or E-Liquid as these  are classified as a perishable items. Please ensure that you know what coil you want when asking staff to avoid this.

Return Policy

Returns can be made if an item is faulty within the first 30 days. The device will be replaced or a like for like exchange will be offered. The return policy works in line with the warranty policy.  All returns must be present with original box and receipt. We can not issue any replacements or refunds without the box.

We are only able to offer a refund in the event of a miss-sold item or where the store is proven to be at fault. Vapour Central does not offer a change of mind policy. We suggest researching the device before purchasing.

Your new device

Congratulations on your new purchase, we hope you enjoy your device. Below are some common hints and tips on getting the best from your new Vape. 

As you will more than likely be using your device daily, it’s important that you look after it to ensure the best lifespan and enjoyment from it. A few simple tips are:

-           If the tank can be removed, we suggest the 510 connector (the pin below the tank that screws in) and the hole in the mod (The battery) are cleaned when showing signs of dirt using only alcohol wipe or cotton buds.

-           Make sure that if juice (E-Liquid) spills onto the device that this is cleaned up as soon as possible. Do not use water to clean. A dry cloth is sufficient.

-           If the device is charged via USB. Please take care when inserting the cable as if you'r too forceful or put it in the wrong way, you can damage the pins voiding the warranty.

-           A case can help protect the device from minor drops and scratches.

-           A vape band can protect the glass on the tank.

Battery Safety

Your device may have a built-in battery or removable batteries such as 18650s. Either way, it is important to look after your batteries.

-           Charging – If possible, always charge when the battery is low, and charge fully. We do not suggest charging through a  car as this can limit the battery’s life span.

-           If the device takes batteries that can be removed, we suggest charging these via an external charger such as Nitecore. USB charging is fine on most devices but can over time damage the overall lifespan of the battery, if you are unsure, please check the manual or ask a member of staff.

-           If your device does use removeable batteries, it is VERY important that these are kept in good condition, if a battery has any rips or tears in, please stop using immediately and return to any Vapour Central store to be re-wrapped.

-           Do NOT keep spare batteries loose, always keep in a plastic storage case

Warranty does not cover damaged USB
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